Key assumptions

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Secretary General, Chairman of the Editorial Board
HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

Director, Research Division, Editor-in-Chief
Ayed S. Al-Qahtani,

Head, Energy Studies Department, Editor
Abderrezak Benyoucef

Head, Public Relations & Information Department
Hasan Hafidh

Main contributors
Chapter 1: Key assumptions
Mohammad Alkazimi, Joerg Spitzy, Moufid Benmerabet, Roman Salo, Nadir Guerer, Irene Etiobhio, Jan Ban

Chapter 2: Energy demand
Erfan Vafaie Fard, Haris Aliefendic, Moufid Benmerabet, Mustapha Sugungun, Jan Ban, Julius Walker

Chapter 3: Oil demand
Jan Ban, Mustapha Sugungun, Moufid Benmerabet, Roman Salo

Chapter 4: Liquids supply
Julius Walker, Mohammad Alkazimi, Nadir Guerer

Chapter 5: Refining outlook
Haris Aliefendic, Moufid Benmerabet, Martin Tallett, Alanna Bock-Butler

Chapter 6: Oil movements
Haris Aliefendic, Martin Tallett, Alanna Bock-Butler

Chapter 7: Energy policy, climate change and sustainable development
Jan Ban, Eleni Kaditi, Daniel McKirdy, Irene Etiobhio

Chapter 8: Oil demand and supply uncertainties
Jan Ban, Julius Walker, Eleni Kaditi

The OPEC Secretariat is grateful for the kind contribution from the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), featured in Chapter 2

Other contributors
Behrooz Baikalizadeh, Boshra AlSeiari, Mohammad Zarie Zare, Mohamed Mekerba, Hossein Hassani, Hassan Balfakeih, Mohammad Ali Danesh, Yacine Sariahmed, Aziz Yahyai, Pantelis Christodoulides, Hannes Eichner, Roland Kammerer, Klaus Stoeger, Mohammad Sattar, Zairul Arifin, Mihni Mihnev, Justinas Pelenis

Editorial Team
Timothy Spence, James Griffin

Design & Production Team
Carola Bayer, Andi Birnbach

Editorial support
Menhal Alamri, Daniel McKirdy, Angelika Hauser, Amani Shebaro

OPEC’s Economic Commission Board (as of September 2020)
Achraf Benhassine, Ntika Mbiya Ricardo, Florencio Oyono Eneme Obono, Fernand Epigat, Afshin Javan, Mohammed Saadoon Mohsin, Mohammad Khuder Al-Shatti, Taher M.O. Najah, Mele Kyari, Esam Alkhalifa, Salem Hareb Al Mehairi, Ronny Romero

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